Mebolazine DMZ Powder

Mebolazine DMZ Dymethazine Powder Quick Details:

Mebolazine (Dimethazine) is a modified version of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that includes the attachment of a methyl group at carbon 2, which increases its anabolic potency.

The alteration results in a hybrid androgen thats a powerful anabolic, a moderate androgenic, and a mild estrogenic. This combination equates to a unique cross between the stronger anabolism of Superdrol, and the non-estrogenic lean muscle, hardness/density, and vascularity promoting properties of Masteron. Roxilon is the type of steroid that favors competition athletes, and serves as an ideal ingredient for latter cutting cycle inclusion.

Mebolazine DMZ Dymethazine Powder Uses/Dosing:

Logically, one would assume that dymethazine would exhibit results similar or identical to superdrol. However, as usual when it comes to anabolics, things are not that simple. Many users report significant mass gains on DMZ, though superdrol is often considered a much superior bulking compound.

Dymethazine has little to no ability to aromatize, does not cause estrogen related sides and should be used along with an aromatizing steroid, the obvious choice being testosterone. It is important to remember that DMZ’s primary metabolite, superdrol, is DHT derived and thus brings out androgenic side effects, such as the vascularity and striations pursued by modern bodybuilders. Dymethazine is therefore a “dry” steroid and can exhibit many of the side effects associated with such drugs.

For aesthetic purposes, dymethazine is usually dosed starting at 20 mg per day, and up to 40 mg, though doses of up to 60 mg per day are not unheard of.

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